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August 6, 2011

I have this bad habit of moving around periodically, which generally results in my computers ending up disassembled and all my favorite books and music sitting on various inaccessible hard drives.  So, I’ve decided to start uploading them here in order to form a permanent archive online.  That way I can always get to them when I want them, and I can share them with others as well.  My tastes in reading usually incline to detective stories, science fiction, adventure novels, historical fiction and alternate history, and British literature from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with the occasional splash of nonfiction in the form of history or military theory.  My tastes in music are almost entirely classical, centering on the Baroque period and opera seria.  If these happen to be in your line, enjoy what you find here!

Also, I may take advantage of having this blog out here to indulge in a few complaints about life, the universe, and everything if the fancy strikes me that way.  No guarantees though!


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